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Our mission is simple. We call it the "BITS" strategy. Our goal... more "Butts in the Seats" ("BITS"). We bring more people into your bar or restaurant who will be eating and drinking on what would otherwise be a slower night of the week for you. Plain and simple...partnering with Team Trivia means more cash in the register at the end of each night!

Our Products and How We Promote Your Business 24/7

All of our products are trademark protected for your exclusive enjoyment, and to prohibit use by "copy-cat" operators.

Your Team Trivia game will be promoted on our national website at, our players score sheets on each table during your show, local websites where applicable, and on-site in your bar or restaurant with full color point of sale materials. Our live hosts will also make announcements of your house specials and any special upcoming events during our promotions in your venue.

Our Team Trivia Leagues (in which your bar will be enrolled at no extra charge) encourage regular team play to earn league points which qualify players for local and National Tournaments with cash prizes. As teams look to earn as many qualifying league points as possible...this translates into more frequent and regular visits to your bar or restaurant to compete in weekly Team Trivia games at your venue!


We show up on time each week. We conduct the game to make it fun, entertaining and competitive for all of your patrons, we use friendly trivia hosts and we get players (your customers) to join our Team Trivia Leagues and come back each week to YOUR ESTABLISHMENT to compete, spend their money on your food and beverages and have a blast with their friends! There is nothing for you to do….except contact us now to get started. Our e-mail is Or you can call us anytime @ 843.424.8924. Your Team Trivia product can be up and running in two (2) weeks, and you can start counting your extra money that customers will spend in your bar just that quickly! And remember, Team Trivia DOES NOT book shows right next to your establishment on the same nights of the call us now and reserve that Tuesday or Wednesday night for your bar...before your competitor does.


If you are interested in bringing Team Trivia to your establishment, or you are suggesting a location, please fill out the form below and a Team Trivia representative will contact you.

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